How much privacy do you sacrifice in China, Rachel?

Rachel Tian (23) lives in the chinese city Bejing. After earning her Masters degree in Great Britain,  Rachel came all the way back to China. Shortly afterwards, a pandemic broke out. How did Rachel experience this pandemic outbreak in China? How much privacy is left when you are tracked wherever you go?

Welcome to the podcast project “red telephone”, a title in some ironic-reminiscence to the hotline between Moscow and Washington during the cold war. A format, where I call people around the globe that I have met abroad. With some I have studied, others joined me spontaneously for a few days during traveling, with others I just had a chit-chat for a few minutes in a hostel somewhere in the world. Nevertheless, each of them has an individual, personal story to tell about this last pandemic year. This project wants to give each of them a voice. And as we can’t travel in real life, why not travel via phone calls? This is the podcast red telephone and I am Valérie Nowak, a freelance journalist and honoured to be your host. Grab yourself a tee, relax and sit down with us for a chat.

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